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Scholarship applications must be received by scholarship deadlines for each term. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chances in being awarded limited funds.

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Limited Awards Our scholarship and Our Outdoor & Environmental Educator Training Program funds are limited and are intended to provide tuition assistance to those in need. Scholarshipss range from 10% to 50% of program cost.

What program or term are you considering?

Describe Your Need Scholarships awards are meant to help families in need of financial support and opportunity to attend our program and join our team. Please describe your financial situation and how this scholarship or Our Outdoor & Environmental Educator Training Program award will help support you.

Award amount requested

Annual household income

Dependents in household

Are You a Good Fit? If more applications are received than there are available awards, priority is given to applicants who can also give back to their community. For example, willing to help organize community events, being a caring member of the program team or sharing what you learn with others. How do you see your role in the program contributing and giving back to Trackers and your own community?

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