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9-month, Weekend Immersion
Place Based & Environmental Education Bay Area, CA

9-month Immersion Take 1-weekend a month for 9 months to immerse yourself in the core study of Artisans Guild: Place Based Education. Combining traditional skills and wisdom with innovative organizational management the Trackers Artisans Guild tells the story and immerses you in a new way of understanding environmental and outdoor education.

How do we help shape a culture connected to the land and the natural world?
How do we develop educational organizations that create thriving and ecologically balanced communities?
How do we facilitate compelling experiences that fundamentally shift how a student interacts with their environment?

Traditional cultures fostered vital connection with the natural world through the beauty and power of living close to land. Today our world thinks of education as set of philosophies and theories that are often only successful for certain types of students. Yet when a village raises a child, every experience carries a fundamental life lesson and every child is respected. The Way of the Artisan is the way of flowing and learning with the personal stories of the individuals you work with.

Why the Artisan? Leadership is an art. In the ancient world, artists, storytellers and philosophers were among the first teachers. They passed the knowledge and wisdom of a culture down through generations to come. In the modern world, experiential and outdoor educators seek ways to help create a new culture connected to nature, the land and the earth around us.

The Artisans Guild offers training and certification in the educational processes of Trackers Earth. Work with the most innovative educators in the field of nature connection and environmental education while discovering your own strengths and skills as an instructor. Over the course of several weekends participants develop intensive experience in the following skillsets...

Independent Study and Research

You are given independent study homework for skills projects outside of program weekends. The amount of work is flexible and tailored to students available personal time. This optimizes what you can be learning during actual course time with our instructors.

Immersion That Fits Your Life

Our Guild Immersion Programs integrates well into both your working and social life. Each weekend begins Friday evening and ends the Sunday afternoon. Most weekends take place within a two hour drive from the SFO Airport (an international terminal). Each weekend occurs monthly, so there is time for students to self-utilize and refine experience in the skills we teach. Dates are as follows….

September 2-4, 2011
September 30-October 2, 2011
November 4-6, 2011
January 6-8, 2012
February 3-5, 2012
March 2-4, 2012
April 6-8, 2012
May 4-6, 2012
June 1-3, 2012

Register for Place Based & Environmental Education Immersion

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Full Payment $2,550 Payment plans available, Contact Us
9 monthly weekends September 2011 to June 2012 Friday Evening to Sunday Ovenights
In various key ecological areas in Northern California
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Payment Plan $950 down payment with two other $950 payments every 3-months
9 monthly weekends September 2011 to June 2012 Friday Evening to Sunday Ovenights
In various key ecological areas in Northern California

Tuition and Class Size

Tuition Tuition includes meals and camping for program weekends. Plus, course reader materials. Our payment options include...

Pay in Full $2,550 by credit or debit card. Use Add to Cart above.
9-month Payment Plan 3 payments of $950 every 3 months. Please Contact Us

This program also includes a 15% discount on Trackers run Wilderness First Responder Training and any of our Rangers, Wilders and Mariners weekend immersion programs in the same year.

More Place Based & Environmental Education Programs

Guild Immersion Programs are designed to be an immersive experience in a core Guild study. They are 1-weekend a month for 9-months. Check out our other core programs for more in-depth work...

$25 Taster Place Based & Environmental Education Programs 3-hour introduction
Fundamentals Place Based & Environmental Education Programs 2-days learning the foundations
Field Intensive Place Based & Environmental Education Programs 4-day overnight expedition

Long Term Immersion

Trackers Village: Residential Wilderness Living Program 7-days a week Live in a primitive and traditional village for one 1-year.

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