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Trackers believes in providing opportunities for kids to attend camp in cases of true financial hardship. However, please understand that because of the large volume of scholarship requests for summer camp, individual scholarship awards amounts are limited. We are commited to serving the largest number of families in need as possible and therefore we limit our awards to 5% - 30% of tuition.

Summer 2014 day camp scholarship requests are now closed. Camp Trackers Overnight and Teen Leadership (LIT) program scholarships will be considered until or through summer on a rolling basis as available funds allow. Summer 2015 scholarship applications will be available in October.

After School and Homeschool The majority of our funds are allocated for the school year by August 15, and scholarship applications will close entirely for the 2014-15 school year on August 31st. Please apply early for the best possibility of an award.

Payment Plans for our 2014 Summer Camps will be available through April 30th, 2014. Contact Us to learn more. All 2014-2015 school year programs will be billed monthly.


We base our scholarships on need and other internal criteria. There no guarantee of any specific reward. As noted above, scholarship funds are limited and we strive to provide assistance to many families with financial need. For this reason, please do not use this form to request awards greater than 30% of tuition.

Online Scholarship Form

Parent Name

Child(ren)'s Names and Grade(s)



Limited Awards Our scholarship funds are limited and are intended to provide tuition assistance to those in need.

What program or camp theme are you considering? Please note if you are looking at our Berkeley, Marin, or Overnight camps as well as your preferred dates and themes.

Describe Your Need Scholarships awards are meant to help families in need of financial support and opportunity to attend our program. Please describe your financial situation and how this scholarship award will help support your family.

Award amount requested

Annual household income

Dependents in household

Any additional information? Is there anything else you feel is important for us to know in considering your award request?

Please remember to fill all the fields.

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