Wilderness Survival Basics Bay Area, CA

This is 8-hour course serves as inspiration and introduction into the world of Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills.

The course begins with an overview of priorities in both an emergency and long-term wilderness survival situation. Then we get hands-on experience with different primitive basics that include finding shelter, securing water, making fire, and much more. This course serves as an ideal jumping-off point for some of our more advanced or in-depth programs.

Rangers Guild: Survival Level 1

Students are given core tools they need to begin the survival skills components for our Pathfinder Certification and Ranger Guild: Survival Level 1 and higher as part of their own ongoing independent study.

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Meet at Trackers Earth Berkeley for the free optional Shuttle at 8 AM
3049 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA 94703

Class location to be distributed to participants prior to course date.


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Ages Adult January 25, 2014 Tuition $95

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Ages Adult March 22, 2014 Tuition $95

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Ages Adult May 24, 2014 Tuition $95
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