$25 Taster Day
Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills Bay Area, CA

Only $25 This 3-hour course serves as a valuable introduction into the core study of Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills. Join the Trackers Rangers Guild for skills that can help you feel safe and at home in the wilderness. It's time to remember our common heritage and how humans have always met the needs of shelter, water, fire and food while connected to the land and village.

Safe and at Home in the Wilderness

Let the wilderness feel as though it is your home and village. This Rangers Guild core study is about building the knowledge, skill and wisdom to be safe and comfortable in any environment.

Traditional Skills for Self-Sufficiency and Independence

We stress wilderness survival as a way of becoming self-sufficient while meeting your needs. We teach you about the basics of shelter, water, fire and food, eventually moving into more advanced long-term wilderness living skills.

Nature Connection Through our Ancestral Heritage

For millions of years humans lived and thrived through their connection to the land. These arts let you reclaim this heritage of primitive skills. When you feed yourself and your village with traditional arts, you discover a kinship and personal need to care for the land the provides for you.

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Ages Adult $25
March 20, 2011 9am-12pm
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Guild Taster Days are designed to be an introduction to a core Guild study. They are 3-hours long. Check out our other core programs for more in-depth courses...

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Caring for Urban Greenspaces

This taster serves as an opportunity to teach important and vital knowledge in an urban environment. In that vein, we deeply respect our urban greenspaces and utilize their limited ecosystems strictly for observation. We actively discourage all unauthorized harvest and inappropriate use of our greenspaces in order to protect these invaluable resources unique to our city. More advanced classes for restorative harvest and off-trail study occur on private land.