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A Guarantee for the Best Summer Camp

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Our BestCamp Guarantee

At Trackers we are confident we have the Best Camps around. That said, we also know that not every camp is the the perfect fit for every family.

If you or your child decides camp is not a good fit and chooses to leave early, we will refund tuition for the time they did not attend. If your child is asked to leave camp indefinitely for challenging behavior, we will refund tuition for the time they did not attend.

The Rules of the Road

Tuition will be divided by total program hours and we give a refund for the remaining time from pick up. To get this prorated refund under our BestCamp Guarantee, you must call or email us within one business week of the end of the camp, otherwise it may be considered void. Students must have attended camp for at least 1 hour to see if they like it. This does not apply to missing camp through sick days or conflicts in scheduling.

Since we offer this to insure our programs are the best fit for your child and family, obtaining a BestCamp refund may prevent your family from attending any other Trackers programs in the future. This decision will be made by a Camp Director and will be based on conversations with the parent as to why the student chose to leave or we asked them no longer attend due to inappropiate behavior. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

*Terms Does not apply to children sent home for a single day break. We reserve the right to charge a 25% administrative fee.

Our BestCamp Guarantee is only applicable to our Break Camp programs (Winter, Spring and Summer) and not necessarily any other programs unless otherwise indicated.

Summer Camp Schedule >

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