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Realms Role-Playing Camp: Elves, Wizards & Dragons

Role Playing Adventure

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Welcome to the Realms of Trackers, our epic role-playing adventure camps. Join our quests in a land of myth and mystery, where stories come to life and you choose your own adventure. Learn outdoor skills to forge your path through the wild lands.

Create your own fantastical character to become: Elf Wizard, Fairy Queen, Orc and more. Be ready for adventure and danger. Each camp is its own story, a complete chapter in the ongoing saga of our Realms of Trackers.

Gather your allies and begin your quest. The fate of the Realms lies in your hands!

Summer Camps 2016 Bay Area

It is the age of the Remembering, after dragons have awoken and magic has returned to the land. Join the Guardians of Fog Mountain Academy as they fend off dangerous ogres, deal with the Fae, solve ancient riddles and quest to save the Realms of the Golden Gate. Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 1-5 Realms of the Golden Gate: Age of Heroes Create your character and save the Realms. Make new friends and quest together.

Grade 4-8 Realms of the Golden Gate: The Dark Winds Older campers explore the darker realms of our world and may find themselves taking on more shadowy roles.

Grade 4-8 Realms of the Golden Gate: Elite Guard Older campers journey deeper into the wilderness, facing challenges few heroes have known. Our adventurers discover challenges that test their strength and courage.

Grade 5-12 Realms of the Golden Gate: Dragon's Gate (Overnight) Spend the 11 days in Camp Trackers on the edge of the Forest of Dark Winds. Meet new friends, band together in your adventuring party and quest into the wild lands. More Overnight Info >


Our scholarship window for Summer 2016 is now closed.