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Rangers Adventure: Wilderness Survival Camps

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Train the skills of wilderness survival. Find shelter, track animals, learn to safely use a wood carving knife and much more. The best instructors of our Rangers Guild lead action-packed camps with hands-on bushcraft skills. Kids work together in a team, embarking on outdoor adventures and discovering lasting friendships.

Summer Camps 2016 Bay Area

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 1-5 Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Explore the wild lands. Take up a bow. Learn forest craft and skills. Train in epic scenarios of survival, stealth and archery.

Grade 1-5 Wilderness Survival: Fire & Knives Master the most important tools of forest craft: the blade and the flame. Make fire from what you find, carve your own tools and learn the uses of wild plants.

Grade 1-10 Stone Age Survival Rediscover the ways of the past. Journey through millions of years in the story of humanity. Use sticks, stones and bones to craft practical tools of survival.

Grade 1-10 Coastal Fishing, Foraging & Campfire Cooking Explore the delicious feasts foraged along the shorelines! Travel the coasts of the Bay, the ocean, and local lakes, learning practical survival skills.

Grade 6-8 Ranger Rescue: Tracking, Search & Survival Develop essential search and rescue skills. Navigate and stay "found" in the wilderness. Train in human tracking and how to care for the survival of others.

Grade 6-8 Rangers Survival: Fire, Knife & Axe Master vital tools for forest craft: the axe, knife and campfire. Make fire without matches and carve advanced woodworking projects. Train in wilderness survival skills.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Survival: Stealth & Bow Train in stealth, archery and wilderness survival. Learn camouflage for invisibility and the ancient skill of archery.


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