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Leader in Training:

Teen Leadership Program

Leadership Training

Join our Leader in Training (LIT) program! Apprentice in outdoor leadership skills with Trackers Earth. Begin with a week or more of leadership experience at our overnight camp. Work with expert outdoor educators to develop your own connection to nature and community through wilderness skills.

Your registration fee is all-inclusive, covering both the Training Week and Field Weeks.

Please ONLY REGISTER for field weeks if you have already registered and been confirmed for your overnight training week! Both training weeks are currently FULL, but you may waitlist using the "overnight" tab below.

Incredible Skills

Your training immerses you in the outdoor and leadership skills of Trackers Earth. The Leader in Training program gives you opportunity to explore one or more of our Four Guilds:

Rangers Guild Stealth, archery, and wilderness survival
Wilders Guild Wild plants, farm craft, and restoration gardening
Mariners Guild  Fishing, water, and mariners skills
Artisans Guild Storytelling and leadership

Personal & Professional Development

We explore how our connection to nature benefits a sustainable and healthy livelihood. At the end of the week, your instructor provides you a written evaluation of your time, honoring your experience and helping you find places to grow.

Our Leader in Training program mentors students through personal and professional development. The practical aspect of the program addresses what potential schools and employers seek, and cultivates the LIT's communication and interview skills.

Summer Camps 2018 Bay Area

Grade 8-12 Leaders in Training (LIT) You begin with one week of overnight leadership training, where you will meet new friends, learn outdoor skills, and explore a leadership role within the Trackers Earth community and your community. You finish the program with two Field Weeks, in which you guide younger campers in our day camp programs. These day camp field weeks may be completed in our Berkeley or Walnut Creek locations. 

Optional Field Training

After the Leader in Training program of your choice, you can join us for optional weeks of Field Training in our day camps. During this time you put your leadership skills into practice. Top educators mentor you, while you guide younger campers in the outdoors. Important points:

  • Multiple Weeks You can spread the optional Field Training throughout the summer. We recommend 1 - 3 weeks, though more is possible after a conversation with us.
  • Schedule Soon Field training is on a first come, first serve basis. If you're already signed up for a training week, you may choose your field weeks below. Only register for weeks that are after your overnight training week. 
  • Field Evaluations Like the Leader in Training camp, every week of field training includes an evaluation written and delivered by the Lead Educator mentoring you.
  • Please Note Field Training commitments are optional and not required, nor essential, to join a Leader in Training overnight week.
Please ONLY REGISTER for field weeks if you have registered and been confirmed for your overnight training week! Both training weeks are currently FULL, but you may waitlist using the "overnight" tab below. 

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Drop-off & Pick-up Time

Training Weeks: We depart on our Trackers buses at 7:30 AM Monday morning from our Berkeley location. We return the following Friday by 3 PM.

Field Weeks: LITs should arrive by 8:30 AM and plan to depart at 4 PM, so they may assist with managing students during check-in and check-out.


Orientation Week Locations Our LIT training week locations will be Camp Herms. Pick-up and Drop-off will still occur at the Trackers HQ at 3049 Adeline St., Berkeley. 

Day Camp Field Week Locations

  • Berkeley 3049 Adeline St. The Guild Hall is conveniently located across the street from the Ashby BART station.
  • West Berkeley - Berkeley Marina, Shorebird Park
  • Oakland - McCrea Memorial Park
  • Walnut Creek Rudgear Park

LIT-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ addresses LIT specific questions. If you have any further inquiries, you may always call our office at 510-575-9444 or use our Contact Form.

When and where do LITs complete Field Weeks?

Field weeks are an optional, but a highly encouraged part of leadership trainings. Student leaders may attend any week of day camp after their training week. Most LITs complete 2 Field Weeks. 

Why are Overnight field weeks not an option?

Our mobile overnight programs are restricted in size by wilderness permits and van capacity. 

My child wants to be in a specific guild or theme for their field weeks. Is this possible?

LITs give their first, second, and third choices during their end of week training assessment. LITs are assigned based on interest, available space, and what location/date they have signed up for field weeks. If your LIT wants to work with a specific theme (I.E., Artisan camps, Rangers, Wilders, etc), please be sure that theme is offered during the date and location you choose for field weeks. More information on this topic will be sent by email for registered students as summer approaches.

Will you be running a Junior LIT program this year for grades 6-7?

We are putting the jLIT program on hold for summer 2018. We hope to return to jLIT in the future.

May LITs attend more than 2 day camp Field Weeks?

LITs are welcome to join us for additional weeks of Day Camp.

Can an LIT from a previous summer attend just the Field Weeks and not the training week?

We require all LITs to attend training each year to refresh their knowledge and expand their skills. This expectation even goes for our paid staff - everyone attends staff training every year, no matter how long they have been working with us.

Can being an LIT lead to employment at Trackers?

Although we do not guarantee future employment, we enthusiastically accept applications from alumni LITs age 16+ for summer jobs as Guild Interns in our day camps. Please see our employment page for more information.

How are students evaluated?

At the end of each week, the LIT's Program Mentor provides an evaluation. We assess how well the student taught basic to complex outdoor educational skills, and record their leadership accomplishments in the all important social structure of the camp.