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Beyond Thundercamp

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Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose is the name of the game as bands of campers wander an adventurous post-industrial Berkeley and Oakland. Gone are the lattes and condos. Backyard chickens and goats have taken over the streets, home gardens feed the city, and people have remembered what its like to be a village.

But all is not perfect! Hordes of fixie-bicycle gangs roam the city, packs of mutant jackalopes are on the loose and the Soapbox and Roller Derby Overlords plan on capturing Trackers instructors and making them battle in a giant Thunderdome.

There's only one hope for the former city by the Bay. She's been a loner. She's survived on her own in this crazy world because she was even more crazy. But now Trackers Camp needs her. All the Trackers Kids tell the "tell" where one day, soon, the Mad Mariner will return to save us all.

Preparing for Battle

DIY takes on a whole new level as campers learn to remake scrap into functional tools, armor and even transportation. While the complexity of projects are dependent on age, this is the ultimate mad science and junkyard genius experience. We begin the week with a trip to the Berkeley Adventure Playground to hone our building skills. Then we put together awesome improvised armor, refit the buses to survive the post-apocalyptic landscape, sew our own patchwork clothing, make safe foam arrows and much more.

Two Instructors Enter, One Instructor Leaves

Finally the week ends with a giant the Post-Apocalyptic Field Games for kids on Friday. Each Trackers instructor finds their way to the Thunderdome where they battle each other with foam weapons as their campers cheer them on.

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