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Here We Go a-Waffling:

Musical Caroling with Waffles

More Winter Break Camps

Finally! A camp that celebrates the musical stylings of holiday jubilation and the sheer awesomeness of waffles. Of course, these two worlds belong together just like the perfect harmony of the songs we shall sing.

Waffles Throughout Time

Then there is the waffle. We make and munch on all manner of waffles as we journey through the history of this usually sweet and sometimes savory treat. From the medieval origins of the "wafer", to Thomas Jefferson bringing the first waffle iron from France and hosting popular "waffle frolics" (parties), we explore the depths of the wonderful world of waffling.

The Musical Joy Imperative

Just as a heartfelt musical caroling visits shine a light of joy on these cold days of winter, so does the waffle warm our hearts, minds, and tummies. Toppings shall include: real maple syrup, divine berry preserves, homemade whipped cream and an ever-so-light dusting of confectioner's sugar.*

So, join us for a gourmet musical treat and feast of songs and waffles from around the world!

*all waffle recipes likely include wheat, sugar, dairy, eggs and possibly bacon

Waffle Camp is also available four our students age 4 & 5! See our Rovers Camp page to register.