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Winter Realms of the Golden Gate:

Role-Playing Camp

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Welcome to the Realms of Trackers, our epic role-playing adventure camps. Join our quests in a land of myth and mystery, where stories come to life and you choose your own adventure. Learn outdoor skills to forge your path through the wild lands.

Create your own fantastical character to become: Elf Wizard, Fairy Queen, Orc and more. Be ready for adventure and danger. Each camp is its own story, a complete chapter in the ongoing saga of our Realms of Trackers.

Gather your allies and begin your quest. The fate of the Realms lies in your hands!

Winter Break – Bay Area

Grade 1-5 Vikings and Valkyries  Become a Viking or Valkyrie on an adventure through Norse Mythology. Giants have stolen the Spear of the Winter and they are threatening to plunge all the Realms into a deep eternal freeze. Only our heroes, only you, can save it.

Grade 1-5 Time Quest As the village prepares to celebrate the New Year it becomes apparent something is wrong. No one knows where the new year is. Rumor has it the Master Hunter of Time was spotted in the Realms. Can our heroes track down and save the New year before time is brought to a halt?  Attend one day to solve a piece of the mystery, or both days for a more in-depth experience.

Grade 1-5 Troll Hunters  Giant piles of drool. Footprints larger than any bear. Troll scat everywhere! Trollus Giaganticus has been wreaking havoc on local villages. Your job. Find this most dangerous game and capture each one.