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Rangers Adventure: Wilderness Survival Camps

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Winter Outdoor Skills & Survival

Train in the skills of wilderness survival. Find shelter, track animals, learn safe knife carving skills and more. The best instructors of our Rangers Guild lead this action-packed days of hands-on wilderness and bushcraft skills. Kids work together in a Rangers Team, embarking on outdoor adventures and building lasting friendships.

Winter Break Bay Area

Choose your own adventure with different daily themes:

Grade 1-5

Grade 1-5 Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Explore the wild lands. Take up a bow. Learn forest craft and skills. Train in epic scenarios of survival, stealth and archery.

Grade 1-5 Rangers of the North: Winter Survival Join the Rangers of the North. Keep watch in the winter lands and train in essential winter survival skills: finding shelter, fire, and winter wildlife tracking.

Grade 1-5 Winter Survival: Fire & Knives Master the most important tools of forest craft: the blade and the flame. Make fire from what you find, carve your own tools and learn the uses of wild plants.

Grade 6-10

Grade 6-10 Wilderness Survival: Fire, Knives & Axe Master vital tools for forest craft: the axe, knife and campfire. Carve woodworking projects and train in wilderness survival skills.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Recon: Stealth & Evasion Train in stealth and invsibility. Learn camouflage and silent movement and flow undetected through the forest.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Rescue: Hypothermia Heroes New! With colder weather comes different skills needed to thrive outdoors. Today, focus on first aid and survival skills relevant to the cold and wet. Plus, you just might get to test your skills on one brave Trackers administrator volunteer...

Grade 6-10 Timber Sports: Logs, Axes, and Caber Toss New!  Timberrrrrrr! In this exciting camp day, join us for a day of log rolling, hatchet throwing, axe chopping and - of course - caber toss! Kilts not included, but definitely encouraged.

Special note: From time to time, Winter Spare the Air alerts are called that ban campfires. If this happens on a camp day, we will teach the process of fire by friction but not build full campfires.  We will also emphasize other outdoor skills.

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