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Outdoor Adventure Classes

At Trackers Earth we offer adult programs in wilderness survival, archery, bow-making, blacksmithing, tracking, foraging wild edible plants, and more. Our weekend and evening Folk and Forest Craft courses build confidence and common sense in the outdoors. We teach authentic skills of independence and a life connected to community and the land, across all four of our Core Guilds.

Location of Classes

Our classes are held mostly in local parks and open spaces. Most of our wilderness survival, edible plant, and rangers guild classes are conducted in Marin County and the East Bay.  All classes meet on-site, and locations are emailed during the week prior to class.

Napa County Classes Classes listed in Napa are held at our Lake Berryessa site.

Locations for off-site classes will be emailed the week before class. Please note precise meeting times for classes on individual class descriptions.

Looking for something to do? See upcoming classes listed on our homepage.

Attending as a family? Please see our important note below about youth in adult classes.

New: Women's survival classes - by women, for women, these inclusive classes run during spring 2017. Now enrolling. Learn more.

One Year Immersion

Gain vital skills of awareness and survival. Craft essential gear for your primitive survival kit. Test yourself in a 4-day spring survival trek.

Archery and Bow Making

From beginners to advanced, our expert instructors will take your archery skills to the next level. Classes mostly held in the East Bay, with optional shuttle from Berkeley included.


Learn to twist, punch, and hammer steel into beautiful and functional tools. With frequent intro classes and specialty knife-making sessions we've got you covered. All classes held at our Berkeley headquarters.

Rangers: Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and More

Learn wilderness survival skills, the art of tracking and nature observation, and even Zombie Survival with our Rangers Guild.  Classes mostly held in Marin County, with optional shuttle from Berkeley included.

Mariners: Fishing, Crabbing, Kayaking

Hook 'em and reel 'em in. Sign up for family fishing days too!  Classes held in Marin County and the East Bay, with optional shuttle from Berkeley included.

Wilders: Homesteading, Wild Plants, and Mushrooms

Our Wilders Guild will teach you the skills of self-sufficiency, from foraging to wild crafts, or even curing and smoking a side of bacon. Classes mostly held in Marin County, with optional shuttle from Berkeley included.