Bay Area A Walk on the Wildside

Seasonal Harvest Series with Mia Andler

What if there were no grocery stores, no factories producing mass amounts of processed foods, no restaurants. What would we eat?

Take a walk into another time where food literally appears at your feet and experience the abundance of your extended backyard through the mindset of the hunter gatherer.

Whether you are an experienced primitive skills enthusiast or just heard about the idea of eating a wild plant for the first time, these walks are a fun way to share knowledge and meet other interested folks in the area, while enjoying a beautiful morning stroll. Each walk, lead by naturalist Mia Andler and guest experts, will focus on a seasonal topic.

Register for A Walk on the Wildside

Pay at program Contact us to RSVP
Ages Adult $10-$30 Sliding Scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
Eat Acorns November 7, 2010 10am-12pm
San Anselmo, CA
Pay at program Contact us to RSVP
Ages Adult $10-$30 Sliding Scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
Healing Teas and Salves December 5, 2010 10am-12pm
Marin County, CA

Ages Adult A Walk on the Wildside includes

• Discover how to harvest and use wild edibles
• Experience and discuss safe and environmentally respectful methods of harvesting
• Learn about the incredible health benefits and medicinal properties of local plants
• Enjoy the unique flavors of some of the most common wild edibles
• Participate in the rich history and native lore of this wild grocery store

Upcoming topics

Eat Acorns! Nov 7, 2010 10am-12pm Acorns, a staple food of the native peoples of the area are still growing all around our gorgeous oak woodlands. Come harvest, process and sample these nutritious nuts. We will particularly focus on how we can use acorns in a way that fits into our modern lifestyles and cooking. We will learn how to identify our most common oaks and their acorns and discuss how we can contribute to the health of our oak forests.

Healing Teas and Salves Dec 5, 2010 10am-12pm It's cold season and gift giving season as well. A great time to brew up some healing tea or salve for a friend. Join uson a hike to find some healing plants and learn how to create medicinal gifts from our extended backyard. Ah, the lovely smell of a cup of freshly brewed Yerba Buena tea.

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