Bay Area Year-Round Staff

The educators of Trackers Bay include experienced skills instructors on the leading edge of place-based education. We are a community of professionals whose goal is superlative competence in our field. We love what we do, and we love sharing our passions with our students.

For more information on how we hire, vet and background check both our full-time and seasonal staff for youth camp programs please refer to our information about our safety policies philosophies and procedures.

Jess LiottaJess Liotta Bay Area Regional Director

Codenames Chicharrones
Guild Wilders
Place of Origin Cascadia
Team Affiliations Montessori, the Oregon Country Fair, Alameda County Master Gardeners, Makers of the Bay Area
Superpowers Meat smoking, being an organizational ninja, leveling up, connecting people

Origin Story Jess grew up in a scattering of places across the west coast, exploring the woods of the Pacific Northwest and the coastlines of Sonoma County. She studied education, literature, and medieval history at Portland State University before jumping over to London to train as a Montessori early childhood educator and finally settling down in the Bay Area. After two years as a Montessori teacher in Oakland, she joined Trackers first as an instructor and then as the Bay Area Regional Director. In her alleged spare time, she tries be outside as much as possible with her two sons, mad scientist husband, and their urban homestead menagerie of assorted animals and plants. Jess has worked for Trackers since 2010.

Philosophy Children AND adults are capable of more than our culture often asks of them! When you give someone real tools, a deft bit of guidance, and the space to pursue their interests, amazing things happen.

Will BrownWill Brown East Bay Program Director

Codename Turkey Neck
Guild Rovers
Place of Origin The Southern Swamps
Team Affiliations Diablo Bowmen, International Lifeguards, Primitive Tech, Brotherhood of the Ghillie
Superpowers Invisibility, crayfish catcher, maker of Useful Things

Origin Story Will was hatched in the Louisiana bayou and raised across the border in Texas. Early training began with several RPGs and playing Ninja with pals for years. Will later found himself in a Reconnaissance Team playing Ninja for real in some of the most challenging places across the globe. After leaving those days of high adventure, he focused on all things bushcraft and world history. Will has worked with Trackers since 2015.

Philosophy If you can make one thing you can make anything.

Lynn HinckLynn Hinck Marin Program Director

Codename Fire Raven, Queen Leona of the Elves 
Guild Wilders
Place of Origin The last bend in the Soda Butte River before it enters Yellowstone National Park
Superpowers Optimism, stealth, detecting other people’s superpowers, sniffing out water, knock-knock jokes, biscuits
Team Affiliations Montana State University, Board Member Marin Community Clinics

Nestled between two 12,000 feet high peaks, just outside Yellowstone National Park, is Lynn’s home. In a town that was barely a town, more than a 100 miles from a real grocery store, she learned necessary homesteading skills like determination and how to form lasting relationships based on mutual dependence and deep respect. She also spent hours in the woods exploring creek beds, tracking moose, fishing, reading the sky and playing with the wood elves. She has a degree in cultural anthropology, but most of what she teaches seven-year-olds are the things she learned when she was seven years old. If you are out and about you might find her running trails on Mt. Tamalpais or riding bikes with her kids around Marin County. She relaxes by working in her rose garden where she cultivates more than 20 varieties of roses. When she is not tracking other wild animals, she wrangles her three daughters and tries out stealthy new parenting methods. Lynn has worked for Trackers since 2012.

Reyna HarrisonReyna Harrison Registrations Czar

Codename UNKNOWN
Guild Office Camp
Place of Origin Australia
Superpowers Soothing all worries, answering all questions, always having the right bit of information at the right time
Team Affiliations Geographers of the World

If you call us on the phone, there's a good chance you'll have the pleasure of speaking with Reyna. Her antipodean origins are shrouded in mystery. Reyna has worked for Trackers since 2014.

Stewart ReidStewart Reid Rangers Guild Coordinator, Archery Department Head

Codename Voodoo Stew
Guild Rangers/Wilders
Place of Origin Mid-Atlantic Seaboard
Superpowers Bus whispering, kilt accessorizing, knapping just about anything

After a year away on the East Coast, we are thrilled to welcome Stew back to Trackers. Stewart grew up playing outside in the creeks, fields, and woods around his Maryland neighborhood. As an adult he spends most of his free time practicing primitive skills and outdoor survival techniques. Recently he has been intensively practicing bow making and archery and is the current Trackers Earth Bay Area archery department head. When not working on his tillering Stewart spends time with his young son and avidly supports the Portland Timbers FC. Stewart has worked for Trackers since 2011.

Dane NelsonDane Nelson Rangers Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Summer Overnight Director

Codename Longshadow, The Mighty Mr. Bearfight
Guild Rangers/Artisans
Place of Origin Northern California
Superpowers Outdoor Cooking, Knife throwing, Bear Chasing

Dane was raised on a large ranch in the rural California town of Redwood Valley. He spent much of his early life navigating trails and waterways, learning the skills necessary for survival. He worked for many years as a river guide and kayaking instructor, and staffed summer camps all over the Golden State. If you ask, he will be more than happy to regale you with stories of being chased by wild animals. Dane has worked for Trackers since 2011.

Elina ZimmermanElina Zimmerman Wilders Guild Coordinator and Homeschool Program Coordinator

Codename Hambot, Esther Ether the Ethereal 
Guild Wilders, with Rangers and Artisan leanings
Place of Origin The Frozen North
Team Affiliations Montessori, Oregon Country Fair, Arctica BRC, Piedmont Yoga

Elina grew up in the Northeast of the United States and had strong ties to Finland, her mother's country of origin.  She studied History at Reed College in Portland with a focus on 19th & early 20th century Russian history and later earned a Master's in Education in conjunction with her Montessori teacher training.  After several years of working as a Montessori teacher, Elina traveled the world for a year and returned to the bay area in 2011 whereupon she began working for Trackers.  She teaches yoga and cultivates her Wilder ninja skills via her garden and the outdoors. Elina has worked for Trackers since 2011.

Heidi KunzHeidi Kunz Artisans Guild Coordinator and After School Program Coordinator

Codename The Voice, Cap'n Heidi Five-Blades, & Redhawk the Sorceror.
Guild Rangers. With strong affinities to the Wilders and Mariners.
Place of origin The Wild Wild West. Born in Utah and raised in Colorado.
Team Affiliations Trackers Earth, Point Reyes National Seashore Pinniped Monitoring Program, & Colorado.
Superpower If you need it it's in Heidi's pack, repurposing anything or everything, learning and teaching on the spot, finding the fun, and being like water.

Origin Story Heidi started backwoods backpacking before she could walk (her father's back being an awesome ride through the Sierra Nevadas and Rocky Mountains). She has been immersed in the outdoor world ever since, and has extensive experience in mountain and desert camping, backwoods backpacking, and wildlife biology. After working for several years as a certified veterinary technician, Heidi found her true passion instructing kids. She finds joy sharing her love for hiking, making fire, carving stuff, singing sea shanties, talking to plants, beachcombing, fishing, working with leather, tracking, wildcrafting, and telling tall tales with a pirate brogue. Heidi has worked for Trackers since 2011.

1) Safety is half planning and prepardness. The other half is listening, adapting, and acting on the current flow of events.
2) Kids can do really cool stuff. Learning to use a knife, make a fire, or try something new actually empowers and encourages kids to be more aware and responsible for their actions.
3) Modeling confidence, adeptness, and kindness earns respect.

Duncan KightDuncan Kight Rise Guild Program Coordinator and Blacksmith Department Head

Codename Tracer, Captain Darkwater Dog
Guild Rangers/Artisans
Place of Origin The Coastal Redwoods
Team Affiliations SF Parkour, Ninja Burger, MARS Medical, Chubby Mabin's Dojo
Superpowers Far sight, Shapeshifting, Iron Stomach

Duncan was born in a log cabin and raised in the coastal redwoods of Mendocino, where he learned wilderness survival at a young age. Since then he has worn many hats and carried many tools. He has worked as a server, woodworker, art/jewelry dealer, sign language interpreter, mover, bartender, security guard, EMT, restaurant manager, substitute teacher, and, of course, a wilderness survival instructor. When Duncan isn't working or in Nursing school, he does parkour, designs board games, attends festivals, rock climbs, and prepares for the impending Zombie Apocalypse. He is a pretty useful guy to keep around. Duncan has worked for Trackers since 2012.

Micha Tower Summer Overnight Assistant Director and Guild Hall Facilities Master

Codename the German
Guild Rangers
Place of Origin Northern California
Superpowers Mastery of tools, Fixer of just about anything, and possessor of The Power to Kraut

From early on, he communed with the animals. At summer camp he was known to talk to the birds. And though he took this talent, his love of camping and acute skill in building a campfire into his adult life, his work adventures were instead in restaurant management, masonry, construction and massage therapy. During a trip to Bolivia in 2005, Micha’s interests in wildlife and wilderness survival were brought back to life. Perhaps working with wild Puma’s, Ocelots, and Howler Monkeys in the jungle of South America is not much different than working with children, he must have thought. Upon his return, Micha completed the Trackers Adult Immersion course in 2012-2013 joined our staff immediately thereafter. If you don’t see him honing his survival skills or fixing something in the Guild Hall, you might find him loosing some arrows at the range.

Shane JorgensenShane Jorgensen Mariners Guild Coordinator

Codename Aquaman
Guild Mariners
Place of Origin The Diablo Valley
Superpowers Fish Whispering

Fishing, kayaking, crabbing, fly-tying, knots: You name it, if it has to do with the Mariners guild, Shane's your guy. Born and raised in the East Bay, Shane honed his fishing craft in our lakes and waterways with extensive time spent in the lakes of the Sierra Nevada. During those rare moments when he's not fishing, he also enjoys practicing his wilderness survival skills, sharpening his knifes and axes, curating his funny t-shirt collection, and showing everyone else at Trackers that he's just at home hitting bulls-eys on the archery range as he is holding a fishing pole. Shane has worked for Trackers since 2013.

Tony Deis Founder and Company Director

Codenames Boss
Place of Origin Eugene, Oregon
Team Affiliations Trackers Earth

Superpowers Tracking, Operational Logistics

Origin Story Tony has studied outdoor skills and concepts of sustainability since a very young age. As a teenager he cultivated a 3/4 acre market garden based on principles of permaculture design and the study of ecology through tracking. The extensive Italian family Tony grew up with was one of the greatest influences on his core philosophy of the value of community and family. At the Evergreen State College his focus was how humans connect to the land around them through participatory experiences.

This, coupled with over 20 years of extensive work and cutting edge development as a contractor and consultant in the field of environmental education, lead him to found Trackers Earth. Based on his work, research and experience in survival, bushcraft, traditional skills and tracking, Tony also taught extensively for the graduate sustainability program at Portland State University, including founding their Naturalist Training Program. He has facilitated wildlife tracking, outdoor entrepreneurial and adventure education workshops for the Forest Service, Audubon Society of Portland, countless parks and interpretation agencies, universities, colleges and much more. He is also a high end consultant for other outdoor education organizations concerning their safety, organizational and outreach policies. In his free time, Tony enjoys exploring the wilderness near his home, tracking bobcat, bear, elk and deer with his young son Robin and new daughter Annie strapped in her snuggly pack.


Molly Strand Deis Founder, Registrar and Youth Instructor

Codenames High Elf Queen of Admin
Guild Wilders Guild
Place of Origin Salem, Oregon
Team Affiliations Willamette Falls Symphony, Central Oregon Symphony, Davidson College, Tulen Center Bend, Swirves Utopia (online text based game), The Goats at the Trackers Homestead

Superpowers Milking Goats, Beekeeping, Puttering in the Garden, Online Gaming, Finding Treasure, Sci-Fi Nerddom, Admin, Cheery Phone Conversations

Origin Story A native Oregonian, Molly received her Bachelors degree in German from Davidson College in North Carolina and spent a year in Germany, also traveling throughout much of Western Europe. She spends her time between Portland and Sandy, where she and her husband (Tony) live, and keeps busy herding goats, wrangling chickens, planning gardens and wandering the woods.

Molly is also an avid cellist and plays in the Willamette Falls Symphony. One of the "voices of Trackers" you probably spoke with her regarding any one of the Trackers programs. Molly and Tony welcomed their first child, Robin, during the 2010 holidays and were joined by their second child Annie in February 2013 and they sure keep them busy!

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