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Leader in Training:

Teen Leadership Program

Join our Leader in Training (LIT) program! Apprentice in outdoor leadership skills with Trackers Earth. Begin with one week of camp training followed by leadership experience helping to guide younger campers. Work with some of the best outdoor educators to develop your own connection to nature and community.

Along with leadership skills, your apprentice training also introduces you to teaching with Trackers Earth. You could be a Leader in Training at camps teaching wilderness survival, homesteading, archery, role-playing stories and much more.

Your registration fee is all-inclusive, covering both the Training Week and Field Weeks.

Summer Camps 2016 Bay Area

Grade 9-12 Leaders in Training (LIT) You begin with one week of overnight leadership training. During this week you meet new friends, learn outdoor skills and explore a leadership role within Trackers Earth and your community. You finish the program with two Field Weeks at either our day or overnight camps, guiding younger campers.

New for 2016: LITs intending to complete Field Weeks at Overnight Camp must do so during the 2-week session immediately following their training. Please review our overnight camp options prior to choosing your training week. This year's overnight camps have very limited space, and the majority of LITs will be completing their field weeks at Day Camp. Spaces at overnight camp for LIT Field Weeks will be allocated at the discretion of the program directors, based on age and conduct at training.

Grade 6-8 Junior Leaders in Training (jLIT)jLITs also begin with one week of overnight training. You make new friends, develop outdoor skills and learn what it takes to be a leader within Trackers Earth and your community. After overnight training, jLITs spend one week of day camp mentoring our Grade K or Grade 1 programs. We encourage jLITs to complete this week during the session(s) immediately following your Training Week, and we schedule it after your registration.

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Drop-off/Pick-up Time

Training Weeks: We leave on our Trackers buses at 10 AM from our Berkeley location on Sunday morning and return the following Friday by 3 PM.


Orientation Week Locations Our LIT training weeks during the 1st and 2nd training weeks will be a rustic camping retreat in the Redwoods of Humboldt County. The 3rd week will take place in our beautiful overnight facility at Lake Berryessa, Napa.  Both locations are designed to build community and leadership skills in our LIT recruits. 

Overnight Camp Field Week Locations 

Session 1 (June 27 - July 7) and Session 2 (July 18 - July 28): Our new Camp Trackers Adventure is 11 day, 10 night mobile expedition exploring the Northern California coast. Learn more

Session 3 (August 8 - 18): Realms of the Golden Gate Overnight will take place in our beautiful overnight facility at Lake Berryessa, Napa. Learn more

Day Camp Field Week Locations

Berkeley 3049 Adeline St. The Guild Hall is conveniently located across the street from the Ashby BART station.

Walnut Creek Rudgear Park, Rudgear Rd.near the Highway 24/680 interchange.

Larkspur Piper Park, 250 Doherty Dr. Conveniently located just off of Highway 101 in Larkspur.

LIT/jLIT-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ addresses LIT and jLIT specific questions. Below you will also find our Overnight FAQ for more general questions about Training Week or overnight camps. You can also always call our office directly at 510-575-9444 or use our Contact Form.

When do LITs and jLITs complete Field Weeks?

All student leaders must attend the session(s) immediately following their Training Week. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, LITs may not attend other field weeks at Overnight camp. We may have some flexibility with day camp weeks - please contact us.

How do we choose day camp locations or themes for Field Weeks for jLITs or LITs?

After registration you will be contacted to choose your location between our 4 options in Marin and the East Bay. Theme selection will happen during Training Week.

How do we choose overnight or day camp locations for Field Weeks for LITs grade 9-12?

After registration you will be contacted to choose between overnight and day camp. For day camp LITs, theme selection will happen during Training Week. Overnight LITs wishing to attend the Overnight Realms of the Golden Gate camp should register for the July 31 training week.

Are LITs grade 9-12 guaranteed a Field Week at overnight camp?

Overnight field weeks are scheduled first-come, first-serve and must be scheduled during the session immediately following the training week. However, please note thtat Trackers reserves the right to ask an overnight LIT to complete their field weeks at Day Camp should we judge that they need more support in their training.

May LITs or jLITs attend more than 2 Field Weeks?

Due to vehicle and site restrictions, LITs are limited to one session at overnight camp. LITs and jLITs are welcome to join us for additional weeks of Day Camp.

Can an LIT from a previous summer attend just the Field Weeks and not the training week?

We ask that all LITs attend training each year to refresh their knowledge and expand their skills.

Can being an LIT lead to employment at Trackers?

Although we do not guarantee future employment, we enthusiastically accept applications from alumni LITs age 16+ for summer jobs as Guild Interns in our day camps. Please see our employment page for more information.

How are students evaluated?

At the end of each week a Program Mentor gives provides an evaluation. We cover how the student was able to teach basic to complex outdoor educational skills, plus their leadership accomplishments for the all important social structure of the camp.

General Overnight Program Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the nuts-and-bolts of camp, please read on for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions please call our office directly at 510-575-9444 or use our Contact Form.

What is your philosophy?

We believe that all people (kids and adults) want to belong in and contribute to their community. At camp, everyone contributes to the upkeep and care of our Village in meaningful ways. Our program design demands intelligent accountability from participants, especially while working with tools and training in challenging skills. Every aspect of participation is considered a privilege and all campers must treat it as such. This now said, our camps have and always will be infused with vital traits of good humor, celebration and appreciation for each member of our village.

How do kids get to camp?

Transportation from Berkeley is included in your registration! We make getting to camp easy with our round-trip bus service, driven by trained drivers.

What type of accommodation is available?

Students sleep in large, comfortable tents during our mobile Adventure programs. Students enrolled in backpacking programs use lightweight, smaller tents - or even sleep out. Campers may request to be groups with friends in tent areas. Food is cooked partially over the campfire and partially over simple outdoor camp stoves. All staff involved in meal preparation possess appropriate food handler certification and training.

What kinds of kids come to camp?

Camp Trackers is a unique program, attracting a wide variety of “personality types” and kids from diverse backgrounds who all work together to build a village. This is a place for every kid, introvert or extrovert. We teach the highest caliber of outdoor skills, and we adjust our curriculum for all experience levels. Our instructors are adept at simultaneously challenging those who have a background in what we teach, and helping a newcomer to gradually increase their ability.

What dietary restrictions can be accommodated at camp? What about allergies?

Our provided meals are all omnivore and include an array of vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat, often mixed together. Because we are a small program who cooks communally, often over a campfire, we are generally unable to make accommodations and distinctions for specialized or specific diets. Vegetarian diets may be possible to accommodate; please contact us to discuss prior to registration.

About Systemic Food Allergies To the best of our ability we always work to exclude items that typically result in severe systemic reactions leading to anaphylaxis. Working with your medical doctor, if your camper has a severe food allergy (such as peanut butter) please contact us and we will investigate if it is possible to adjust our meal plans.

Who will be my child’s instructors?

Trackers Staff are the most highly trained and experienced educators in the field of outdoor education, well versed in our industry. They are experts at traditional crafts who possess a deft understanding of true and epic adventure. Click here to read more on our staffing policies and philosophy.

What will my child need to bring? What forms do I need?

A detailed packing list will be sent with your confirmation and welcome packet along with all camp forms. The basics will include a lightweight day pack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and mess kit. Backpacking students will also need to bring a light weight, sturdy frame pack. We strive to keep our packing list light and functional and is not a significant quantity of specialized gear on the list. California also requires that all overnight campers file a pre-camp physical exam form from your family doctor. This form will be sent with your welcome packet.

How will you keep my child safe?

Safety is our highest priority. Since 2004, Trackers has led the way in standards of safety for outdoor camps and programs. For our summer overnight programs, all groups of students have additionally have a staff person with Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT certification present. We hire only mature and competent individuals with profound experience in both education and skills instruction. Staff attend intensive training in all safety policies, from driving safety for transported programs to home-sickness prevention and mitigation. Moreover, we train staff to continually evaluate situations. Although we have policies and response plans for all foreseeable risks, Trackers staff are trained to consistently pay attention so that nothing is left to chance. Our staff retention percentage is excellent and the large majority of our lead staff is made up of returning instructors. Learn more about our safety policies and values here.

Can my child be grouped with a friend?

If your child would like to be grouped in the same tent as their friend please note this in your registration. Please note that in order to encourage new friends and connections at camps, we may place friends in different activity groups during the day. We find that this greatly improves the experience of all campers, and friends always have the opportunity to spend downtime, free time, and most mealtimes together.

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

For families who need it, we offer flexible payment plans. Contact Us to learn more. A non-refundable deposit is always required to reserve your space.

We have very limited scholarship awards available of up to 20%-100% of tuition for families in need. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Submit a scholarship application here.