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Get your kids outside! The Trackers after school program offers a perfect, necessary balance to a long day of classroom instruction. With us children have an opportunity to move, explore and reconnect with nature. Creative, active lessons wake up the children to the world around them and to their own competence. Children practice working together, tending to the land and to one another. Trackers kids do more than learn, they engage.

The afternoon begins as the Trackers Bus picks your child from their school to a local park. There, students train in tracking, wilderness survival skills, homesteading and storytelling. We may learn to carve wood, safely make fire with no matches, make pickles or sew a magic cape. At the end of the day, you pick your child up either at their school or our in-town headquarters (depending on your school region).

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Membership Details

Trackers TAO is a 34 week program. Class is not offered during holiday and no-school day breaks, OUSD and BUSD spring break weeks, or the first and last weeks of school.

Taster Day Try a day of class at any school we currently pick up from, no commitment
Seasonal Membership Enjoy flexibility by registering by the season
Yearly Membership Save on tuition and attend Trackers all school year

Available Days and Time

Monday Aurora-OPEN, Chabot-OPEN, Washington-OPEN, Malcolm X-OPEN, Berkwood Hedge-OPEN
Tuesday Washington-FULL, LeConte-FULL, Jefferson-OPEN, Thousand Oaks-OPEN
Wednesday Oxford*-FULL, Jefferson*-FULL, Peralta*-FULL, Washington*-FULL, Cornell-FULL*
Thursday Yu Ming-FULL
Friday Yu Ming*-FULL

Full Programs Occassionally a space opens up in full programs. Contact Us to join the waitlist.

*Denotes Early Release Day

Program Hours School Release - 5:30pm or 6pm (depending on your school release time)


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Grades 1-5 One-time Trial Day 1-day Tuition $30

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to reserve your day & note your school

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Grades 1-5 Membership Inquiry Tuition Based on school and attendence

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Mid-Session Enrollment

We offer rolling mid-session enrollment. Contact Us for more information.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available and advance payment always includes an Early Bird Discount

Download our 2013-2014 After School Pricing Sheet

Scholarships and Other Options

We have scholarship awards available of up to 10%-20% of tuition for families in need. Due to limited funds we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Some of our schools also offer scholarships through their parent associations. Submit a scholarship application

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Typical Day

2pm-3pm School Pick-Up We pick your child up from your school. Since different schools release at different times, we are mostly traveling then.

3pm-5 or 5:30pm Guild Activities Our instructors introduce the activity for the afternoon. Since this is Trackers we always go out of doors (come rain or shine). It could be animal tracking, wilderness skills, survival and more.

5:30 or 6pm Parent Pick-Up & Games You pick up your child at our Berkeley Headquarters inspired and happy from an afternoon of adventure immersed in nature and the arts.

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About Safety

Trackers leads the way in standards of safety for outdoor camps and programs. We cultivate experienced and mature staff that allow us to teach real skills. We seek to bring environmental education back to true adventure in the out of doors. Trackers is at the forefront of blending "old school" outdoor education with new and leading standards of safety, responsibility and personalized learning. Learn more about our safety policies, programs and philosophies from our blog.