Bay Area, CA Faeries, Elves and Mostly Friendly Dragons

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10 kid limit for this camp Our policy for small class sizes.

Imagination comes to life

Are there really faeries and elves in nature? We may never know the answer, yet part of the fun is exploring the question. Every child walks through the woodland learning by the profound lens of imagination and stories. These epics of fantastical adventure are very real to the children living them. They serve as inspiration for profound relationships with the natural world.

Live action role playing

Campers don the garb of wizards, knights, elves and minstrels each day. They go on quests to solve riddles and learn from their many friends (the animals) of the forest. We hold court at TrackersHQ, featuring wild teas and foods. Story time becomes theater time, with campers often participating through fun improv games. At the end of the week we meet with the Minstrel, the Jester and the Bard. These three great performers help us assemble and enact a theater piece for parents and friends that recount the tales of our adventures throughout the week.

Every day at camp we live this story. Role playing takes on a grand scale and mostly friendly dragons are sleeping somewhere waiting to be found.

Awesome extended camp begins at 8am until 5:30pm Our affordable extended camp program begins at 8am and ends at 5:30pm, making camp convenient for working parents. Main camp hours offer flexible drop-off from 8:30am-9am with flexible pick-up 3:00pm-3:30pm.

Please read every word on this page together with your child. Especially "A Good Fit?"

Register for Faeries, Elves and Mostly Friendly Dragons

Payment Plans

For families who need it, we can offer flexible payment plans. Contact Lynn to learn more. A non-refundable deposit is always required to reserve your space.

Faeries, Elves and Mostly Friendly Dragons

base camp at TrackersHQ
• learn about permaculture gardening and stewardship
• build "Faerie Homes"
• chase and catch "faeries", butterfly and bug catch and release
• learn animal tracking & nature awareness
• encounter elves
• train archery with light firing bows & safe foam arrows
• nature hikes and explorations looking for Faeries and other fantastical creatures
• put on a theater production with the Minstrel, Jester and Bard for parents and friends
• create a magical dragon costume for the entire troupe to wear
• improv and theater games

A Good Fit?

Before you register PLEASE READ the critical information below to help you decide if your program is the right match for you or you child. TrackersNW invests in families and students dedicated to maturity and accountability as a team. The experience of your child is heightened as these filters insure a safe, supportive and competent collaboration with both our instructors and all other team members (including students).

This program is a good fit for the child and parent who...

• trust one another
• are interested in and empathetic to the natural world
• crave a different way of experiencing and seeing both natural and modern world
• want to have fun
• possess a sense of adventure
• make intelligent choices
• display competent autonomy when needed
• can make and keep clear agreements concerning safety
• can help insure the safety of their peers and collaborators
• works diligently toward adult accountability, consequences and responsibility
• will come dressed appropriately to stay warm, dry and healthy
• is okay with being muddy, cold and wet at times
• can be a real kid
• shares well with others

This program is NOT a good fit for children who...

• are not interested in nature & scout awareness
• are not empathetic for the natural world
• are being forced to come to camp
• cannot display competent autonomy when needed
• cannot make and keep clear agreements and choices concerning safety
• is kept inside all the time so may be uncomfortable
• will not dress appropriately to stay warm, dry and healthy
• is not okay with being muddy, cold and wet at times
• has trouble working with others and respecting the needs of other participants

Please note that if your child is positively working on behavior, we are willing to work with them and you with clear agreements

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Our Philosophy for Learning & Living

A Smile

We help children to feel like that group of kids wandering country backyards 50 years ago: independent, tired, muddy, wet and happy from the woods and wild. We are acutely aware of full and real hazards of the out of doors after years of working in environmental education. We try to move away from the highly structured and limiting tolerances of conventional environmental education while keeping kids truly safe but not encapsulated from, or phobic of nature. We are deep patriots to the value of offering guided yet very free and transparent experiences for kids. We believe it is okay to be thirsty at times, cold at times, and wet at times. It builds empathy and care for the gifts of life. It fosters adventure and sincere accomplishment. We also believe it is critical to feel supported and cared for as they truly explore their passion and responsibility. And through a healthy life immersed in nature, they test the limits and great potential of the often untapped physical and emotional resiliency they possess