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Summer Camps: Day & Overnight Bay Area, CA

Trackers Earth offers the most adventurous summer camps in the Bay Area. We meet at a central location and then transport campers to the best local parks and green spaces. Your child gets to explore the outdoors and learn authentic skills. Our day and ovenight camps feature a range of themes: wilderness survival, homesteading crafts, role-playing adventure, archery, and much more.

We were totally impressed by the camp and its staff. That's the word around town - everyone raves about this camp experience. -Lolly Jamerson, Parent

See below for a calendar of Available 2014 Summer Camps >

Top 5 reasons to join Trackers Kids summer camps...

1) Real and compelling adventures Trackers Earth Summer Camps offer authentic experiences. We do not simply teach through games of tag or cue cards. We offer archery with expert instructors, go fishing by the oceanside, build fires training you in outdoor survival, live a story in Middle Earth, or harvest wild plants for homemade root-beer. Choose your camp theme and choose your adventure.

2) The best experience Trackers Earth is the original. Other camps offer themes similar to our School of Magic (grade 1-5), Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival (grade 1-5) or Archery Academy (grade 2-9). It is our years of experience that provides the highest caliber instruction and curriculum for both role-playing and traditional skill based summer camps.

3) Strong team and social skills Our groups are kept to a staff to student ratio that allows for personal instruction. Counselor and campers become a strong learning team, making Trackers the most competent and profound summer camp experience available anywhere.

4) Awesome Extended Camp Free and optional morning extended camp is from 7:30am - 8:20am. Camp runs from 8:30am - 3:30pm with affordable After Camp options that go until 6pm.

5) Confidently the Best Staff. We enlist only the best for our camp team. Our instructors set a new standard for professional and personal experience. All Trackers camp staff go through a thorough background check and a lengthy interview process. They are expert instructors teaching authentic skills.

Bay Area Camp Locations

Our camps meet in central urban locations. From there, we transport to wonderful wild spaces for activities.

Berkeley/Oakland Drop Off Location 3049 Adeline Street, Berkeley, in the Guild Hall at the historic South Berkeley Marmot Mountain Works building
Marin Drop Off Location New Location! Piper Park, 250 Doherty Dr., Larkspur, a beautiful park with views of Mt. Tam, just off Hwy 101
Overnight Camps Our new site in the Anderson Valley, 180 acres of redwoods, oak trees, and creeks in Mendocino County; includes shuttle bus from our HQ in town or airport pick-up

Camp Age Groups

For summer camps, when grade is noted it means the grade the camper is entering the following fall.

Entering Grade 1
Mobile day camps that teach the beginnings of new and fun skills
Entering Grade 2-3 Mobile day camps that truly immerse campers into the story of the camp
Entering Grade 4-5 Overnight or day camps developing skills in rich learning environments
Entering Grade 6-9 Overnight or day camps that teach in-depth craft and outdoor skills
Entering Grade 10-12 Leadership opportunities including intensive community building and outdoor lore

See below for a calendar of Available 2014 Summer Camps; Or, Jump to quick links of all camp themes including waitlisted options >

Calendar for Currently Open 2014 Summer Camps

Click on a tab for your specific camp calendar or to choose your location...

  • Berkeley & Oakland
  • Marin County
  • Overnight


Berkeley Summer Camps end August 22, 2014. Thank you for a great summer!


Berkeley Summer Camps 2015 Dates TBD, check back late October


Marin Summer Camps end August 8, 2014. Thank you for a great summer!


Marin Summer Camps 2015 Dates TBD, check back late October


Trackers Bay Overnight Camps end August 22, 2014. Thank you for a great summer!


Trackers Bay Overnight 2014 Dates TBD, check back late October
Quick Links to all Camp Themes: Fishing by the Dock of the Bay * School of Magic * School of Magic: Realm of the Dark Arts * Realms of Cascadia * Stealth, Archery, & Wilderness Survival * Wilderness Survival: Fire & Knives * Wilderness Survival: Stealth & Fire * Zombie Survival * Zombie Survival: First Responder * Pirates of Cascadia * Secret Agent Academy * Evil Secret Agent Academy * Forest Ninja * Shadow Ninja *Wilders Garden *Official B.P.R.D. Training * Beyond Thundercamp: DIY & Maker Culture * Survivor Games * Ye Ol' Blacksmith Camp * Archery Academy * Archery Academy & Bowmaking
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What Parents Say...

"This has been the best camp! And, we've gone to a few! I have been telling everyone about it. I don't think you could have developed a more perfect camp experience for my son. Seriously… Honestly, I cannot think of enough words to describe how great this week was for Ethan. He was engaged, enthusiastic and exhausted at the end of the day. The storyline that his group developed was amazing and kept him thinking and connecting every night. I love the enthusiasm of Stewart. The patience and guidance he has with kids is inspiring. He has the ability to command a group of excitable kids safely and in a way that gets them thinking, creating and using their imaginations-- which is an under utilized skill (in my opinion). I loved how he made the whole camp adaptable to what the kids were interested in, and had the flexibility to flow with it. Fantastic job you guys!!!" -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 6

"Excellent--My daughter is a Forest Ninja. And has promised to use her newfound powers for the good of the world." -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 8

"As a city dweller, I take pride that my son still has an opportunity to catch frogs, go fishing & be outdoors. By far one of the best camps he's attended." -Forest, Fishing, Fly and Reel Parent, Age 7

"They are the best I have seen! Smart, passionate, energetic, funky and caring." -Little House: Wilders Homestead Parent, Age 6

"A totally new experience. Like Junior Outward Bound." -Welcome to Middle Earth Parent, Age 5

"He's been proud to share new things he's learned with whole family. He specified, however, that he's not learning like school, he's "discovering." Thank you!" -Welcome to Middle Earth Parent, Age 8

"Surpasses any experiences with camps so far; this is our first Trackers Camp." -Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Parent, Age 9

"He says this is 'probably the best camp I've been to in my whole life' (little does he know he's doing kayaking camp (with Trackers) in 2 weeks… I wished I'd plugged into your camps sooner." -Forest, Fishing, Fly and Reel Parent, Age 10

"I've never seen her so excited to go to camp everyday." -Secret Agent Academy Parent, Age 9

If your kid is imaginative, adventurous and loves the outdoors, there simply isn't a better camp experience." -Welcome to Middle Earth Parent, Age 6

I will definitely look into other Trackers camps experiences for my son--and for me!" -Forest, Fishing, Fly and Reel Parent, Age 7

"He loved doing "real" activities." -Little House: Wilders Homestead Parent, Age 6

"I really thought Silent Wednesday was a great idea." -Middle Earth Parent, Age 5

"The elf pouch is a huge hit and will likely be worn all summer." -Faeries, Elves and Mostly Friendly Dragons Parent, Age 4

"He chose Forest Ninja and has come home each afternoon Filthy, Tired and very impressed with his new Stealth Ninja Skills!" -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 9

"Tell us about our staff… they radiate serenity and competence." -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 8

"This camp is seriously a FULL week of doings!" -Little House: Wilders Homestead Parent, Age 8

"I just loved that my daughter was getting to all the things I did as a child." -Parent

"I feel like Trackers is the perfect fit for my kid. He would much rather be shooting a bow and arrow or fishing in a lake than doing some of the more mainstream stuff he is exposed to through his school peers and neighborhood friends, like video games and team sports.  He's a quirky kid and Trackers thrills him." -Parent

"Everyone was patient and friendly, especially with the kids." -Parent

"So creative and engaging on a level that was perfect for them." -Parent

"I was blown away by what our class accomplished. The instructors set high expectations and then helped my students rise to the occasion. From blacksmithing to survival skills, we did so much this week... The instructors were real with my students while also being completely professional. That's a balance you don't see very often." -8th grade teacher

"Hands-on learning with a dose of humor." -Parent

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