Bay Area Winter Break Camps & Activities

Spend winter break with Trackers!  We offer holiday themes such as Here We Go a-Waffling, the only camp featuring musical caroling with tasty waffles. Kids help Santa save the world in Ninjas Save Christmas or pillage the Golden Gate in Vikings & Valkyries. Older campers can refine their archery skills (grades 4-9) or learn to blacksmith while making holiday gifts. All these, plus the wilderness survival and homsteading skills programs you expect from Trackers.

Camp Hours

All camps meet at our HQ at 3049 Adeline St., Berkeley.

Free & Flexible Check-In from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Free & Flexible Check-Out from 3:30 PM - 4 PM
Pre-Registered Extended Camp: 4 PM - 6 PM - Get Extended Camp

Calendar for Berkeley Winter Break Camps


Winter Break Camps 2015 Information coming fall 2015!
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Winter Break Camp Age Groups

Winter Break age groups are seperated by grade you child currently attends.

Grade 1: Learn the beginnings of new and fun skills
Grade 2-3: Campers are more fully immersed into the story of the camp
Grade 4-5: Develop team skills in rich learning environments
Grade 6-9: In-depth, sophisticated craft and outdoor skills


What Parents Say...

"This has been the best camp! And, we've gone to a few! I have been telling everyone about it. I don't think you could have developed a more perfect camp experience for my son. Seriously… Honestly, I cannot think of enough words to describe how great this week was for Ethan. He was engaged, enthusiastic and exhausted at the end of the day. The storyline that his group developed was amazing and kept him thinking and connecting every night. I love the enthusiasm of Stewart. The patience and guidance he has with kids is inspiring. He has the ability to command a group of excitable kids safely and in a way that gets them thinking, creating and using their imaginations-- which is an under utilized skill (in my opinion). I loved how he made the whole camp adaptable to what the kids were interested in, and had the flexibility to flow with it. Fantastic job you guys!" -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 6

"Excellent--My daughter is a Forest Ninja. And has promised to use her newfound powers for the good of the world." -Forest Ninja Parent, Age 8

"As a city dweller, I take pride that my son still has an opportunity to catch frogs, go fishing & be outdoors. By far one of the best camps he's attended." -Forest, Fishing, Fly and Reel Parent, Age 7

"They are the best I have seen! Smart, passionate, energetic, funky and caring." -Little House: Wilders Homestead Parent, Age 6

"A totally new experience. Like Junior Outward Bound." -Welcome to Middle Earth Parent, Age 5

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