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Our Story

Tony and Molly Deis founded Trackers Earth in 2004. Tony based Trackers on his personal work in outdoor education since 1992. Since then, both parent and student referral has grown Trackers into a national leader for both outdoor camps and programs.

Tony often says that Trackers has more in common with his big Italian family than conventional outdoor education. We are made up of compassionate individuals who focus on caring for their family and yours, competence and eloquence in all that they do and of course, gathering together for great food.

What is Trackers Earth?

Trackers Earth exists to re-create a village of people connected through family and the land. We lead the way in education and collaborative organization. Our method is to revive outdoor lore and traditional skills, working to restore the common sense that is no longer common. Our vision is to help foster a deep appreciation for the natural world and community.

A Family Organization

Trackers is a family organization. We are not simply limited to one family. Like a true village, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandpas from many different kinds of families work side-by-side for the greater good. We value instilling care and respect for the natural world and the community we serve. With Trackers you often get the feeling of "old friends that just met".

About Safety

Trackers leads the way in standards of safety for outdoor camps and programs. We cultivate experienced and mature staff that allow us to teach real skills. We seek to bring environmental education back to true adventure in the out of doors. Trackers is at the forefront of blending "old school" outdoor education with new and leading standards of safety, responsibility and personalized learning. Learn more about our safety policies, programs and philosophies from our blog.

The Way of the Guilds

Story is at the heart of all great education and adventure. We believe our lives on this Earth can be epic. All of Trackers camps, classes and productions can also be seen as great theater. Joining Trackers for a day, a week or longer can feel like joining the circus or taking parting in a forgotten yet familiar myth.

We offer prestidigitation, epic quests, ancients arts and remarkable fellowship. Throughout all these adventures you get to take part in one or more of our guilds: the Rangers, the Wilders, the Mariners and the Artisans. Learn more about the Guilds

Remembering Who We Are

It seems that today people have forgotten what it means to be connected to land and community. Trackers exists to help you remember your story. To remind all of us of our connections to land, family and village. If you are ready, if both old and new ways call to you, than join our village and help us remember the Wild.

The Rangers Guild

RangersThe Legend of the Ranger

The Rangers are hunters and scouts for the village. They are versed in the arts of wilderness survival, tracking and awareness. In their listening they find a silence, one that compels them to protect what is Wild.

Flow is the Way of the Ranger. They follow the trail of the cougar, deer and other animals. With finely honed senses they become the eyes and ears of the village, living completely with the land and tending to it as if an invisible ghost.

The Remembering is here. There was a time you forgot who you were, how it feels to release an arrow, the music of the bowstring resonating, the route of your blood, the path of those who came before. You felt you were asleep for a long while. The world engined on. And then, one day, you woke up.

The Wilders Guild

WildersThe Way of the Wilder

The Wilders are caretakers. They tend to the balance of their village. They listen to the land as they help abundance flow. They guide the needs of the people into harmony with the needs of all life around them.

The tools of a Wilder is remediation through mycology, animals, plants and life itself. They change the land by asking and courting certain ways of life to grow and take root.

The Remembering is here and its time to ask ourselves the question: Do we own the land or do we belong to it? A place can be like our family, familiar and sewn into the day to day of our lives. As people we can define ourselves by how we care for that family and village. This kinship is reflected in how we tend to the Earth and the Wild that sustains us.

The Mariners Guild

RangersThe Tale of the Mariner

The Mariners run the waterways. They build boats, fish and connect our world by wind and sea. A Mariner charts their course by the stars. By trade and salty wisdom they demand respect for the rivers and oceans and all the life in their depths.

Wind on sail powers their movements across nearly three quarters of our planet. Paddle by muscle takes them up rivers, on lakes and the all water veins that run through the mountains to the valleys. They hold law for those that bring ruin to the waters, recognizing the sea as the source of all life on Earth.

The Remembering is here. We have forgotten about the ocean. It has lost an awe and mystery to us. Though, the vastness of its depths weather you in a way unmatched by any force on this Earth. By storm and calm, by power and emptiness, the sea changes you.

The Artisans Guild

RangersThe Story of the Artisan

The Artisans are theater, music and fine crafts folk. Their trade and circus opens our eyes to both noble purpose and subtle, quiet reflection. They carry the stories that remind us of where we've been. They tell the tales that reveal to us who we truly are.

The Artisans are our Storykeepers, travelers bare-of-foot, walking and sleeping under the twilight sky. They evoke drama and humor born by living root in the land. They recall a timeless grief and praise from the very stars above. Their gift is played in celebrations marking the seasons for the children in our stead, asking the moments between these festivals to be filled with a fantastic passion for the day to day of life.

The Remembering is here. Our Story is one of love, forgetting, and an unknown future. This haze we walk through must be assailed. These fears with which we burden ourselves must be shaken loose. At center stage is our very survival, and the choices we make will soon become the Story we Remember.

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