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Outdoor & Environmental Educator Training Program

Please note: The Environmental Educator program is currently not available at this location. We hope to be able to restrucutre the program in order to meet the flexibility our participants need. In the meantime, check out our single day and weekend adult classes. You may also check out our employment page if you're interested in working with our programs.

Become an outdoor and environmental educator trained in the unique Trackers methods of teaching wilderness skills and fostering connection to nature. Through this work study training program you join the Trackers Village as we learn and live a practice of land and community skills.

My experience as an EE student has pushed me and challenged me to grow in new and often frustrating and exhilarating ways. What appealed to me about Trackers versus other programs was the depth and diversity of skills taught to all ages. They offer everything from wilderness survival and homesteading to magic camp, and forest ninja, and they teach it all to five year olds as well as to 95 year olds. -Jenni Bradley, Environmental Educator Training Student

A Two Part Program

This is a work study program for outdoor and environmental education. You work and learn as an assistant in our youth camps, then study wilderness skills in our adult programs. These two parts combine to offer one of the most all-encompassing environmental educator training programs available.

Part 1 - Work study employment in our youth summer camps and programs
We hire you as a work study assistant for our summer camps. You earn a full-time seasonal wage for every time you work with our youth camps. You can use these funds to attend our Trackers Village Immersion program with the Outdoor Educator Training Scholarship.

Part 2 - Trackers Village Immersion with the Outdoor Educator Training Scholarship Attendance in the program enables you to take our year-long Trackers Village Immersion with a significant scholarship. We offer this opportunity to help build a community of educators capable of teaching authentic outdoor skills.

Program Commitment

The base cost for the Trackers Village Immersion program is typically $1,950. While in this program, you receive a $500 scholarship to the Trackers Village Immersion. The remaining tuition of $1,450 is almost entirely covered by the wage you will earn with 4 weeks learning, assisting, and working in our summer programs. Learn more with our FAQ

Mentors of Authentic Skills

Cultivating a deep connection to nature through authentic outdoor skills is often lost in modern environmental education. We seek to change that. Our Program Mentors help you develop the foundations to expand your outdoor experience in arts both ancient and timeless. They also engage you in a College of Fellowship where together we explore best practices for sharing those skills with students of all ages.

A Village of Strengths

Our methods of community building and education support the diverse passions that comprise a truly engaging and intelligent learning community. This depth of experience and service is integral to all of our programs, and will be a constant feature of your immersion within this program as a student of environmental education. At Trackers, we seek to recreate a village of mentorship and sustainability. Through our Environmental Educator Training Program you become ambassador for a world that needs to exist.

Important: This is an application based learning program. Only the best fits are selected. Environmental education must be a genuine career goal.

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Ages Adult $95 non-refundable membership fee due upon acceptance
Program Commitment TBA See below
Various locations in the Bay Area, CA

Trackers Village Immersion

The Trackers Village Immersion takes place one weekend a month where core instructors and the Trackers community comes together to teach and learn wilderness skills: Sustainability, personal nature connection, and feeding the village all play a role. These are skills that will distinguish you as an outdoor and environmental educator.

Community Gatherings, Potlucks & Trade Blankets

Nearly every month Trackers holds a community potluck and gathering at our Berkeley Guild Hall headquarters. Every member of the village comes together to share food, celebrate community, shoot arrows in our archery range, and sometimes offer new skills. We often feature holiday specific themes with costumes or cooking contests along with our famous trade blanket where you trade-up your wares Barter Town style. These are community based evens and not an official part of the program. Since it is open to all, these are nights you can bring a friend to introduce to the community.


Am I guaranteed 4 weeks of work to pay for the program? For the most part yes, with the rare exception of an individual not meeting the professionals standards of the job. You get a paycheck at full wage for this program and thus are a full employee of Trackers with all the professional expectations that come with this.

Do I automatically get the job? What are you looking for? No. This program has an application process just like any job or work study program. We’re looking for people enthusiastic about becoming awesome outdoor educators who serve their community and a greater connection to nature. We also need individuals who are able to represent Trackers in a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate way.

Can I work-study more than 4 weeks in summer? And what do I do with the extra money? If you are good fit and pending scheduling logistics, there's always a possibility of being scheduled more than 4 weeks of camp in the summer, and potentially a full summer of work. That said, we can not guarantee it. If you earn more than your tuition, of course you get to do with that whatever you like. Perhaps you can go ride bumper cars, pay rent, or even take more Trackers classes. If you decide to buy the entire series of Futurama on Blu-Ray, that may well count in your favor for additional weeks scheduled (just kidding, sort of).

Once I work my 4 weeks, do I have to attend the Trackers Village Immersion, or can I change my mind? We want this to be a good fit. You can change your mind if you want (so can we). Your paycheck is your money do with as you please! Woo hoo! After part of a summer with us, you may think we’re a little too much “Addams Family” for your tastes and we completely understand if you no longer love us.

Can I apply my earned money to other Trackers programs? Yes, you can. Although the program scholarship you receive through this programs is specially granted for the Trackers Village Immersion, you can also apply it to whatever else you like because, as we remind you, it’s your money.

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The Trackers Difference

CamoMany outdoor education training programs focus only on rote curriculum. Trackers takes it up a notch.

The canned response of environmental education is often simply learning games or using cue cards, props, and educational kits.

We take outdoor and environmental education back to its roots. From learning to build a fire with no matches to highly skilled educators showing kids how to track a bear, we do more in one day than most programs do through all seasons.

Join us if…

  • You want to teach from real world experience, not simply models, dogma or philosophies
  • You joyfully fulfill the responsibilities and duties given to you
  • You are an independent worker, comfortable, competent and inspired by autonomy
  • You value collaboration over the rock-star or guru mentality
  • You are solutions based, not problems based (no whining!)
  • You have a deep commitment to land, family and community

Qualities that will ingratiate you to us...

  • You have a deep appreciation of Little House Books, show tunes, bacon, the works of Joss Whedon, BSG or you've watched all seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the cartoon not the movie)
  • You remember what it's like to be a kid, but you don't act like one all the time

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