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Wilders Adventure: Farm and Wildcraft Camps

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Explore the world of wild plants, animals and folk craft. Get your hands dirty learning to care for the land. Create useful, beautiful and often delicious homestead crafts. Our Wilders go beyond the farm, journeying into a world where our gardens grow through the natural forest.

Summer Camps 2017 Bay Area

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 1-5 Forage, Feast, and Campfire Cooking Learn campfire cookery. Bake with Dutch ovens, fry with skewers, and griddle on cast iron. Identify edible plants, preserve foods and cook a feast to feed the village!

Grade 1-5 Woodworking and Forest Craft Embark on forest and folk craft adventures. Practice woodworking and carving. Make containers or baskets, and even fashion natural rope.

Grade 1-5 Gardens, Goats & Farmcraft

Grade 6-9 Wilders Apothecary

Grade 6-9 Wilders Chef: Summer Harvest


Our scholarship window for Summer 2017 will open late fall.