Vikings & Valkyries: Quest for Thor's Hammer Oakland & Berkeley

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Vikings were the explorers, warriors, merchants and pirates of ancient Scandinavia. Valkyries were the warriors of Odin. They would chose those that would join them in Valhalla to help prepare for Ragnarök, the great and epic battle at the end of time.

You are the Vikings, you are Valkyries!

Our Story 

Loki, the ancient Norse god of mischief is on the loose. In possession of Thor's hammer, he is now running amok. Only the Vikings and the Valkyries can stop him.

But all is not what it seems, Loki is shapeshifter and trickster. A deeper plot is revealed as the Vikings and the Valkyries journey through the ancient world of Norse legend and myth.

The Camp 

We begin with safe battle training in safe foam weapons. From there we set about exploring and conquering the Wild Country and the Bay Area on our epic quest for survival and adventure. Along the way we meet all manner of characters, creatures and even mostly friendly monsters out of Norse mythology. They may be friend, they may be foe or they may be both!

Throw in a bit of pillaging with the cooperation of our good neighbors and you have the makings of the ultimate Viking and Valkyrie adventure.

Details for Vikings & Valkyries: Quest for Thor's Hammer


East Bay Location 3049 Adeline St, Berkeley (Across from Ashby BART)

8 AM - 8:50 AM Free & Flexible Morning Check-in with activities based on theme
9 AM - 3:30 PM Camp Session where we do most of the learning. Bus programs leave at 9 AM
3:30 PM - 4 PM Free & Flexible Afternoon Check-out with activities based on theme
4 PM - 6 PM Pre-registered After Camp

Get After Camp Add After Camp and extend camp from 4 PM - 6 PM


Ages 6-7 January 3, 2013, $67

Ages 8-10 January 3, 2013, $67
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