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Rangers Guild:

Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and Stealth

Learn wilderness survival skills by training with the experts of Trackers Earth. Experienced instructors guide you through hands-on activities in outdoor lore and ancients skills. Focusing on shelter, water, fire, and food, in our courses you develop a profound comfort in the out-of-doors.

Rangers Guild Courses

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Wilderness Survival Basics: $74 The foundational single-day course in wilderness survival and outdoor skills.

Fire Basics: $49 A short course in starting a fire. 

Tracking Basics: $74 The art and science of tracking: Learn to read the patterns around us all the time in every Wild space.

Curriculum of Shadows Basics: $74 Stealth, silent movement, camouflage, and how humans can mimic the way animals move invisibly through the dappled light of the forest.

Flintknapping: Stone Tools Basics: $74 Create your own arrowhead in this introductory stone-work class. 

Wood Carving Basics Series: $145 Learn the fundamental  skills of carving with the Ranger's primary tool: a simple forest craft knife. Focus on safety, stances, grips, and function of cuts. 

Wood Carving: Knife and Axe Basics: $49 A short course in wood carving using a number of tools. Focus on safety, stances, grips, and function of cuts. 

Drop In Evening Carving: FREE Learn to safely use and care for carving tools, and work on your own projects. A great introduction for parents whose kids are interested in carving, or for folks wanting to start or work on their own projects. 

Please note: all archery and bow-making courses may be found on our archery catalog page.

Also: Wilderness Survival Apprenticeship for Youth

Train with expert mentors in Forest Craft: wilderness survival, tracking, archery, stealth and awareness. Youth and teens develop competency and leadership while learning authentic outdoor skills.