Community Events

Monthly Skills Night Wednesdays! 6:30-8:30 pm!

Join us Wednesday nights for our evening skill share. Skillshare is a free community event, open to the public. We invite all community members to join our wonderful staff as we come together and practice traditional skills and get to know each other better. This is not an instructional time, per se, as instructors will be bringing projects they're working on for you to see. These may include lichen dying, bow making, wood carving, friction fire, and many others. We invite you to bring any craft projects you might be working on at home, or you can borrow some of our tools and embark on a new project!The forge will be open, and you're welcome to try your hand at blacksmithing (for a $5 material fee). Additionally, the archery range will be open, and everyone is invited to shoot. Please note that we ask that children be accompanied by an adult, and in the case of some skill projects, such as carving and blacksmithing, we ask that parenting adults supervise their students for safety purposes. Skillshare is a time for the greater Trackers community to come together in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Please feel free to invite friends--the more the merrier! Open to the public. Skill Share Dates 2019: 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/8

*Events with potlucks are free community events and not Trackers Earth programs. Trackers Earth is not responsible for potluck items (read all the Event Guidelines below).

Social Event Guidelines

By attending specific SOCIAL Community Events at Trackers you recognize all realities below...

For Parents Always family friendly, these community events often include Trackers instructors on their own personal time. As many of them consider teaching their life, a conversation about programs is appropriate, but we also request certain events be considered primarily social. Our staff is not necessarily there to work. They are a place where adult beverages (beer among others *gasp*) may be responsibly consumed. We assume parents will understand this in order to take the opportunity to engage the great community Trackers provides.

For All Some events are open to everyone but are NOT OFFICIAL Trackers programs. Programs that are not official Trackers events will be clearly noted. They are opportunities for people and families to come to together to share similar interests and potluck food. Space and website outreach is donated by the organization of Trackers Earth as a community service.


Trackers requires an environment that keeps the community and every individual safe. If you can agree to and follow the terms below, then please come. If you cannot, then choose to go elsewhere.

  1. Absolutely NO DRUGS allowed. No compromises. Not on your person, in your pack, your car or anywhere. Not abiding this will get you banned from every Trackers location for life.
  2. Respect beginning and ending times. We have volunteers overseeing most events so we need to value their time.
  3. We don't throw wild parties. This means respecting that we live in a neighborhood. We will shut the party down or ask specific instigators to leave at the first sign of things growing beyond the original scope.

Know what you bring to potlucks Never risk people's safety with improperly prepared or poorly identified food. A couple of banned food items...

  • Please no peanut products at potlucks
  • Wild carrots are NOT allowed (misidentified too easily)
  • Wild mushrooms that are NOT clearly and easily identified are NOT allowed
  • Any plant, animal or mushroom with a poisonous lookalike are NOT allowed
  • We get to ask anyone to leave if they are mean to us or anyone else. Nuff' said

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