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Wizards Academy Camp

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Congratulations! You've been chosen to join our School of Magic, a Wizards Academy where the greatest magic masters of the Realms come to practice.

Create your Wizard character and begin your studies by reconnecting with the wild and mystical power of Nature. Learn spells, woodland skills and more. Each camp has its own quest that connects into the ongoing saga of our magical school. Choose your quests, solve ancient runic riddles, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Spring Break Camps 2018 Bay Area

It is the age of the Remembering, after the dragons have awoken and magic has returned to the land. Elves, Fairy and Humans must come together to learn magic at Fog Mountain Academy. New dangers are always emerging, and strange travelers have begun to find their way into the Realms of the Golden Gate. Choose your own adventure with different daily themes:

Grade 1-3 School of Magic: Time Travel Wizards Our young wizards must travel back in time to save the present from the past! They cast a spell and make their way to the First Age, learning how the Realms of the Golden Gate began during the time of the Remembering.

Grade 1-3 School of Magic: Wizards Tournament Young Wizards train for fun challenges in the Realms Wizards Tournament. Includes Wizard Duals, Flying Races, Fantastic Creature Tracking, a Magical Obstacle Course, and much more!

Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: Spinners of Time One of the three ancient Spinners of Time have been stolen! Evils forces are traveling through history to try to stop the Remembering—the time that heralds the beginning of the First Age of the Realms of the Golden Gate. Students must save the present by journeying to the past.

Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: Magic Olympics The ultimate version of the Realms Wizards Tournament is here! Older Wizarding students engage in fantastic games of daring do and magic. Competitions may include Wizard Duals, Ley Line Archery, Danger Maze, and more! 

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