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Archery Camp

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Become a woodland archer and learn the Way of the Bow. Train with expert instructors from our Rangers Guild. Work together in teams, make new friends and master archery skills.

Visit local ranges, including our private indoor and outdoor sites. Develop focus, accuracy and grace through the foundations of archery. Go beyond the range and get into the forest-training the arts of stealth and awareness. Engage in archery challenges and games to improve your skills. Learn to care for your bow so your arrow always flies true.

Summer Camps 2018 Bay Area

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 6-10 Archery Rangers: Stealth & Camouflage Practice skills of archery, tracking and invisibility. Use foam arrows to engage in epic games of forest stealth.

Grade 6-10 Archery Rangers: Bows, Spears, and Boomerangs Launch all the projectiles! Train with your bow, wield a spear and throw some boomerangs.

Grade 6-10 Archery Rangers: Make a Bow Hand-craft your own traditional wood bow and use it to train archery! Please note, with this option there is less time on the range and a significant amount of time crafting in the wood shop.

Grade 6-10 Archery Rangers: Under Siege Your medieval village is in danger! Through archery games, train in advanced archery teamwork and tactics designed for siege. Learn why archers have played a vital role throughout history.