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Pirate Camp

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A Pirate's Life for Us!

Listen up landlubbers--it's time to join our pirate crew! Celebrate the pirate's life by learning Mariner skills and embarking on epic role-playing adventures. Learn to survive a desert island shipwreck, practice swashbuckling foam sword combat or perfect knot-craft so you can lash down your treasure.

Don your pirate hook, eye patch, wooden leg and garrrrrrb, as you cast off on your own Pirate Quest. Along with your crew, you'll solve riddles, defeat traps and learn to speak fluent pirate, as you race to the Ultimate Treasure.

Please Note It's a well-known fact that Trackers staff are the scurviest sea dogs around, and we seek only the most fearsome scallywags to join our crew.

The Quest of the Mariners

Pirates of the Golden Gate Campers become the scourge of the Sea of the Golden Gate and the Lakes Beyond. Sing shanties and hear true tall tales of pirate crews long past as we develop our characters and participate in skullduggery and treasure hunting quests.