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Rangers Adventure: Wilderness Survival Camps

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Train the skills of wilderness survival. Find shelter, track animals, learn to safely use a wood carving knife and much more. The best instructors of our Rangers Guild lead action-packed camps with hands-on bushcraft skills. Kids work together in a team, embarking on outdoor adventures and discovering lasting friendships.

Summer Camps 2019 Bay Area

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grades 1-5

Grade 1-5 Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Explore the wild lands. Take up a bow. Learn forest craft and skills. Train in epic scenarios of survival, stealth and archery.

Grade 1-5 Wilderness Survival Adventure Master the most important tools of forest craft: the blade and the flame. Make fire from what you find, carve your own tools and learn the uses of wild plants.

Grade 1-5 The Survivor Games Welcome to the Survivor Games! Train wilderness skills, tracking, and foam archery. Join your team and others for fun and friendly games of action-packed adventure.

Grades 6-9

Grade 6-9 Ranger Rescue: Tracking, Search & Survival Develop essential search and rescue skills. Navigate and stay "found" in the wilderness. Train in human tracking and how to care for the survival of others.

Grade 6-9 Ranger Recon: Stealth & Evasion Navigate the wilderness with stealth. Track and search for other teams. Learn how to evade anyone trailing you. Train to survive in the shadows of the landscape.

Grade 6-9 Rangers Survival: Stealth & Bow Train in stealth, archery and wilderness survival. Learn camouflage for invisibility and the ancient skill of archery.

Grade 6-9 Rangers Survival: Knife & Axe Master vital tools for forest craft: the axe, knife, and campfire. Make fire without matches and carve advanced woodworking projects. Train in wilderness survival skills

Grade 6-9 Rangers Survival: Trackers Craft Make shelter and lodges from natural materials and create hearths for fires to heat them. Use your knife for woodworking and making other advanced camp craft.