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Blacksmithing Camp

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Learn the ancient craft of blacksmithing. With every swing of the hammer on the anvil, you work hot metal  to craft tools and art. Our programs work for all levels of blacksmithing campers. The small class size allows instructors to give individual attention to each student.

Summer Camps 2018 Bay Area

Choose your own adventure. Different weekly themes:

Ye Ol' Blacksmith Shop In this day camp, you learn the basics of blacksmithing. You forge, split, twist and punch hot metal to make art and tools.

Apprenticeship of the Blade Wielding a heavy hammer, forge your own knife. Time spent at the anvil hones your own edge and patience.

Grade 5-12 Overnight Forest Forge: Knife Making & Survival We take blacksmithing into the forest, where you not only forge your own knife, but also train in wilderness survival with our Rangers Guild. 

Grade 5-12 Overnight Artisans Studio: Blacksmithing & Folk Craft Spend the week at Camp Trackers, using the forge to create metal art and tools. Also, learn other folk craft like woodworking and weaving.