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My ten-year-old daughter had her first overnight camp experience at Trackers. She came home with songs about milking goats, hand-forged iron, and memories for a lifetime. She loved the wildness of camp and her own sense of self-sufficiency. - Katy Luers, Parent

Join the Camp Trackers Village where we harken back to the golden days of outdoor camping and real wilderness adventure. Every day includes wilderness adventure, caring for the garden and folk craft skills. Each night we gather around the campfire with new friends to share stories.

Campers stay in yurts and cabin tents, help cook camp meals in our wood-fired kitchen, tend to the gardens that grow part of our food and learn each day through activities with the Four Guilds of Trackers:

Rangers Guild Stealth, archery and wilderness survival.
Wilders Guild Wild plants, folk craft and restoration gardening.
Mariners Guild Fishing, water ecology and mariners craft.
Artisans Guild Fine crafts, storytelling and leadership.

Under the safe guidance of Trackers instructors, campers develop skills that contribute to the Village. Rangers train in arts of survival, archery and woodcraft. Wilders tend to our animals on the homestead. Mariners fish for our dinner or tell a tall tale around the campfire. Artisans blacksmith by anvil, forging the tools and story of the Village.

Pacific Northwest Forest Site

This camp meets at our West Coast site in beautiful Sandy, Oregon. Camp Trackers is a lush forested camp on the western slopes of Mt. Hood. Track elk, visit our permaculture garden, and more. Airport Transfer service is available for all students traveling to Camp Trackers.

More Questions

For a quick reference to our approach to safety, staffing, meals and more, please visit our FAQ Page.

Consecutive Weeks

For campers staying more than one week, we offer Weekend Adventures. With canoes trips to mountain lakes and trips to the Oregon Coast you see the best of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more

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General Overnight Program Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the nuts-and-bolts of camp, please read on for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions please contact our overnight camp office directly.

Where is your camp located?

Camp Trackers is located on 100 acres in the Marmot Valley on the slopes of Mt. Hood, west of Portland, Oregon. Trackers has owned and operated this camp since 2011. Our home in the forest features lush greenery, a beautiful outdoor wood-fired kitchen, our own permaculture garden, and even our own stocked trout pond. Our land adjoins the epic Mt. Hood National Forest.

How do kids get to camp?

For campers coming from outside the Portland area, we make transportation easy with our airport pick-up. Campers are picked up at Portland International Airport by our staff and taken directly to camp. At the end of the week, we take campers back to the airport for their flight home. Please contact us before booking flights so we can help you select the best options.

What is your philosophy?

We believe that all people (kids and adults) want to belong in and contribute to their community. At camp, everyone contributes to the upkeep and care of our Village in meaningful ways. Our program design demands intelligent accountability from participants, especially while working with tools and training in challenging skills. Every aspect of participation is considered a privilege and all campers must treat it as such. This now said, our camps have and always will be infused with vital traits of good humor, celebration and appreciation for each member of our village.

What type of accommodation is available?

Students sleep in large, comfortable yurts, tipis, or tent cabins. Campers may request to be groups with friends in tent areas. Food is cooked in our epic wood-fired kitchen by some of the best camp chefs in the country! All staff involved in meal preparation possess appropriate food handler certification and training.

What kinds of kids come to camp?

Camp Trackers is a unique program, attracting a wide variety of “personality types” and kids from diverse backgrounds who all work together to build a village. This is a place for every kid, introvert or extrovert. We teach the highest caliber of outdoor skills, and we adjust our curriculum for all experience levels. Our instructors are adept at simultaneously challenging those who have a background in what we teach, and helping a newcomer to gradually increase their ability.

What dietary restrictions can be accommodated at camp? What about allergies?

Our provided meals are all omnivore and include an array of vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat, often mixed together. Because we are a small program who cooks communally, often over a campfire, we are generally unable to make accommodations and distinctions for specialized or specific diets. Vegetarian diets may be possible to accommodate; please contact us to discuss prior to registration.

About Systemic Food Allergies To the best of our ability we always work to exclude items that typically result in severe systemic reactions leading to anaphylaxis. Working with your medical doctor, if your camper has a severe food allergy (such as peanut butter) please contact us and we will investigate if it is possible to adjust our meal plans.

Who will be my child’s instructors?

Trackers Staff are the most highly trained and experienced educators in the field of outdoor education, well versed in our industry. They are experts at traditional crafts who possess a deft understanding of true and epic adventure. Click here to read more on our staffing policies and philosophy.

What will my child need to bring? What forms do I need?

A detailed packing list will be sent with your confirmation and welcome packet along with all camp forms. The basics will include a lightweight day pack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and mess kit. Backpacking students will also need to bring a light weight, sturdy frame pack. We strive to keep our packing list light and functional and is not a significant quantity of specialized gear on the list.

How will you keep my child safe?

Safety is our highest priority. Since 2004, Trackers has led the way in standards of safety for outdoor camps and programs. For our summer overnight programs, all groups of students have additionally have a staff person with Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT certification present. We hire only mature and competent individuals with profound experience in both education and skills instruction. Staff attend intensive training in all safety policies, from driving safety for transported programs to home-sickness prevention and mitigation. Moreover, we train staff to continually evaluate situations. Although we have policies and response plans for all foreseeable risks, Trackers staff are trained to consistently pay attention so that nothing is left to chance. Our staff retention percentage is excellent and the large majority of our lead staff is made up of returning instructors. Learn more about our safety policies and values here.

Can my child be grouped with a friend?

If your child would like to be grouped in the same tent as their friend please note this in your registration. Please note that in order to encourage new friends and connections at camps, we may place friends in different activity groups during the day. We find that this greatly improves the experience of all campers, and friends always have the opportunity to spend downtime, free time, and most mealtimes together.

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

For families who need it, we offer flexible payment plans. Contact Us to learn more. A non-refundable deposit is always required to reserve your space.

We have very limited scholarship awards available of up to 20%-100% of tuition for families in need. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Submit a scholarship application here.