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Is Trackers A Good Fit For Your Family?

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A Dangerous & Edgy Camp

Now that we have your attention, let's discuss whether Trackers is good fit for you and your family. We run the kind of camps where parents say: "You have to send your kid to Trackers. There's nothing like them." We are not your typical camp counselors. We can be smart, caring, edgy, witty, funtastic - and more. However, we also believe that its important to be the "right fit" for those we serve.

We believe that the "rugged" was taken out of camp far too long ago. We think kids today should get to be like our grandparents, the Goonies who wandered country backyards 50 years ago: Tired, sometimes cold, muddy, wet, and ecstatic from the woods and wild.

Respect & Discipline

We operate in a group setting teaching real skills and we have high expectations for our campers. We insist they not only demonstrate care for themselves, but also show respect for all the other campers, instructors, and land they learn with. This means we always expect students to listen to the directions of the experienced counselors who are their guides on this epic adventure. Our ultimate goal is to raise the bar of accomplishment for any age, from 5 years to 99.

Are We a Good Fit?

We understand that some ideologies do not support certain things we happen to find awesomely fun. Examples might be safely shooting one another with foam bows and arrows or intelligently modified nerf guns, getting muddy, wearing gorilla suits, or quoting Joss Whedon and other smart aspects of pop culture. We like nature, yet we are not Luddites. Nor do we ascribe to one model of child development. When it comes to encouragement or discipline, we appreciate articulate and clear parent support.

We love parents, and we love feedback when it is offered in the spirit of mutual respect and the encouragement of creative genius! We recognize that dialogue about who is "a good fit" is vital. These conversations are the only way we can continue to have an "old school" camp in a modern world that too often believes children should stay insulated, unchallenged, and coddled.

We seek parents who will engage in intelligent dialogue when they are confused or curious. We seek parents who aren't simply looking for a client/server relationship, but one of fellows and family. We seek parents that will respect that everyone is imperfect and will make mistakes: parents, kids and even us. We seek parents that want their children to be challenged and will help us improve how we accomplish that.

At Our Core

Trackers is filled with people that march to the beat of a different drummer. We quest to rekindle that wild spirit; a return to common sense that is no longer common. A passion for life that is NOT always shiny, easy, TV perfect, newest age, or even pretty. Instead it is heartfelt, sad, challenging, awesome, arduous, fantastical, and on rare occasion, intelligently "dangerous and edgy". But then, isn't that why you chose Trackers?

We have forged ahead with an Art of Camp few have found. We are always trekking further to discover new frontiers. To Remember a culture that needs to exist. To Remember what it is like to be human and truly part of the wild, epic, and gorgeous world in which we live.

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