Napa County Programs

Lake Berryessa

Trackers Earth: Bay Area, in partnership with Napa County Open Space District, is offering unique programs aimed specifically at residents of Napa County. Held at the beautiful Lake Berryessa site, we have programs tailored to both youth and adults. Special discounts are available for Napa County residents!

Custom Programs

Schools, organizations, and corporate groups can plan trips ranging from single day field trips or 1 - 4 night overnight excusions at Camp Berryessa. From environmental outdoor science education to wilderness survival team-building, if you can imagine it, we can do it. Read more about our custom programs to learn about all the exciting possibilities.

Adult Programs

Wilderness Survival Immersion One weekend a month for 8 months, then a 4-day survival trip. Immerse yourself in outdoor skills. Mostly based at Camp Berryessa in Napa with occasional days at other sites.

Archery Basics Beginning to intermediate archery form and technique in our indoor or outdoor ranges.

Wilderness Survival Basics The foundational single-day course in wilderness survival and outdoor skills.

Kayak and Canoe Basics Kayak in style in our hand-made, traditional skin-on-frame style kayaks.