Trackers Earth Micro-School Our Story and Team

Our 2020/2021 session marks the fourth year of Micro-School at Trackers Bay. We’re looking forward to a year of in-depth mentorship and community building, connection with the land, and innovative curriculum that combines hands-on wilderness skills with individualized academic goals. Each 11 weeks we will cycle through 3 main themes: Relationships, Self-sustainability, and Survival.

Micro-School Team & Student Cohorts

Brooke Mitschang has 10 years of experience as an educator in the Bay Area. Over the last 15 years, she has earned a Child Development Permit, an MA in Education, as well as, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She joined Trackers this past summer as a Lead Rover Instructor and is excited to continue as a part of the Micro-School team. Brooke loves reading, gardening, and appreciating nature. Her goal is to encourage the development of lifelong, empathetic learners who have the tools and resources to problem solve and work together to create positive, sustainable changes in our society that allows everyone to flourish. She will be teaching and designing curriculum for the Kinder and 1st grade elementary cohort.

Daria McKnight has over 20 years of experience with elementary aged children, both in the classroom and as an administrator. She signed on with Trackers Earth in the summer of 2017 as a lead instructor and coordinator, and is thrilled to continue as a part of the Micro-School team for her 3rd year in a row. Daria loves foraging, hiking, history, and sustainable wild harvesting. She will be teaching and designing curriculum for the 3rd-5th grade elementary cohort.

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